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Summering the Baltimore Way

Summering the Baltimore Way

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Ice creamThe sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the activities are endless in Baltimore this summer! Spinnaker Bay residents, your summer of sports, good eats, new movies, and more has arrived! Check out our essential Baltimore summer activities. 

Let’s Go O’s
Take yourself, your friends, and your family out to the ball game! Nothing beats watching the Baltimore Orioles, sipping on a Natty Boh, and munching on a Stuggy’s Mac n Cheese Hot Dog in the summer. On July 24, the Orioles have a special event, the Annual Food and Funds Drive. Bring canned goods and monetary donations for the Maryland Food Bank! 

Now, if you want to participate in the sports yourself, head to the Inner Harbor for a little beach volleyball. All summer long, Baltimore Beach hosts drop-in games, clinics, and tournaments. Get those competitive juices flowing and take in the gorgeous views of the Baltimore skyline this summer. 

Outdoor Adventures
Flicks from the Hill, hosted by the American Visionary Art Museum, is a free outdoor movie night from 5 to 9 pm! Grab a blanket, some candy, and popcorn, and watch Jurrasic Park, The Birds, or Disney’s Soul, on top of Federal Hill. You won't want to miss this! 

Living in Baltimore, we are fortunate to live near the harbor and water. A cool breeze from the water during the hot summer sun is at its prime on the Baltimore Water Taxi. Schedule a cruise to sail around, view history, and take some Instagram-worthy photos on the Water Taxi. If your days are packed, don't worry! The BYO Twilight Cruise is for you! Bring some drinks and friends on a stunning nighttime cruise around the harbor. 

Food and Drinks
Baltimore Crabs: they are simply unbeatable. Enjoy the best of Maryland crab cuisine at Captain James. In addition to classic steamed crabs, they offer Crab Spanakopita, the Po’Boy, Surfin Turf Salad, Snow Crab Legs, Mac n Cheese with added crab meat — Captain James is the cornucopia of Maryland crabs! 

Outdoor Bars, like Little Havana, Sandlot, and Ouzo Beach, are prepped and ready to serve cocktails and delicious meals all summer. The Mykonos Ruins and Olympian’s Delight bring a summery Greek flavor to Ouzo Beach, which is located right around the corner from Spinnaker Bay. 

Open every day, Little Havanas offers brunch, dinner, and specialty house drinks like spicy margaritas and skinny mules. 

Walk, drive, or boat to get to Sandlot! Purchase tickets for the biggest event of the summer: Tropic Thunder Throwdown on Saturday, July 23. Come ready to dance, mingle, and have a great time! 

Sweet Treats
No summer is complete without a Snowball of your favorite flavor. Snowballs, shaved ice covered in flavored syrup, is a true Baltimore classic. Dating back to the mid-1800s, snowballs are a true summer delight. 

Wanting a classic snowball? Head to Icy Delights in Brewer’s Hill where snowballs and ice cream have been served since 1992. 

Hoping to expand your snowball experience? Check out Quality Snowballs for a more non-traditional, gourmet shaved ice treat like the Fried Ice Cream Snowball or Hawaiian Coffee snowball. 

Supporting locally, black female-owned businesses? IceQueens, started by 22-year-old Dasia Kabia, serves it all — snowballs, desserts, snacks, and more. With special treats like pride snowball colors in a rainbow and Minion snowballs for the new movie release, your heart and tummy will be happy at IceQueens! 

Enjoy Summer
The summer of a lifetime is waiting just right outside the doors of Spinnaker Bay! If you do decide to check out our favorite Baltimore summertime activities, be sure to tag us in your photos, @SpinnakerBay

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