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Spinnaker Bay at Harbor East

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Spinnaker Bay is RAD!

Spinnaker Bay is RAD!

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RADResidents, we are so thankful for you! As part of the Spinnaker Bay family, you deserve to be recognized, appreciated, and celebrated. 

Thursday, June 23, is Residents Appreciation Day (RAD) and we’re offering a few activities and gifts to show our gratitude. 

At Spinnaker Bay, RAD will be in full force! 

Start Your Day Off Right
Grab some Chick-n Minis or Chicken Biscuits—all the Chick-fil-a breakfast favorites—before work at 7 am. 

Take a Midday Break
Take your lunch break by the pool and enjoy a Jimmy Johns boxed lunch at 12 pm. 

Go to the Carnival
You have to end RAD with a sweet or salty treat! There will be cotton candy and popcorn machines in the lobby for a Carnival Mingle at 5 pm. 

Residents, we hope you join us for the celebration and appreciation of YOU! Share your love for Spinnaker Bay on social media by taking pictures, tagging us (@SpinnakerBayApts), and using hashtag #BozzutoRad.

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