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Enjoyable Labor Day Getaways Not too far from Baltimore

Enjoyable Labor Day Getaways Not too far from Baltimore

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Labor day weekend is one of the last big weekends of the summer, so it’s time to take advantage of it and spend some time with yourself, or with friends and family. We have a list of different ideas and ways you can spend your long weekend, all not too far from Baltimore.

If you’re looking for a manageable place to have a fun Labor Day weekend, look no further than having a staycation right at home! Spend the day at the Spinnaker Bay pool, soaking in the sun and enjoying a refreshing drink. Plus, if you ever feel the need to take a break from the sun, your home is just right inside. 

For the Outdoorsy 

About 70 miles away is the town of Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. It’s a quaint city from the 19th century, a perfect spot to travel back to the past and wander a historic area. Explore the nearby national parks by going fishing, hiking, or rafting, and spend your nights gazing up at the wide skies and constellations. Rent out a cabin or check into a motel if you’re interested in this hidden gem. 

If you want to go swimming, but prefer an outdoorsy lake vibe, then why not take a quick three hour drive to Deep Creek Lake? Check out the glistening waters and rent out a cabin on the lakefront. Be sure to see Maryland’s tallest free-falling waterfall, go zip lining, or check out the abundance of the outdoor activities Deep Creek has to offer. 

For the Beach-goer

Ocean City, Maryland has a lot of entertainment for you to discover. At under 3 hours away, this nearby beach destination has something for everyone. Whether you wish to check out the beach, walk along the boardwalk, or discover the nightlife along the coast, this town has everything to offer for a fun weekend out.  

If you’ve ever traveled to or through Delaware, then you’ve likely heard of Rehoboth Beach.  Just a two and a half hour drive away, this town has its own small boardwalk with several shops to explore, waterfront restaurants, and their famous Funland. Don’t pass on this fun beach town — there’s more than meets the eye!

A ferry ride away from Rehoboth Beach is Cape May, New Jersey. Known as America’s original seaside resort, this town has pristine beaches, roots in American history, and a vast diversity in its architecture. There are many things to do here, even on a rainy day, such as checking out their shopping district, or going to the whale watch and research center.

For the Curious Explorer

You may not think it at first, but another great weekend spot is just an hour away in Washington, DC. There are several festivals to check out, such as the DC Jazz Fest, and there is a whole section of their website dedicated to Labor Day activities. With this perfectly curated list, you’ll definitely find something that interests you here!

Our last destination location is an hour and a half away in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is one of the oldest Amish communities in the country, but they also have several areas with contemporary art, breweries, a boutique bowling alley, and wondrous scenery all over the county. Be sure to take home some Amish baked goods on your way back. 

Happy Labor Day!

We hope that you spend your Labor Day weekend however you wish. Whether you want to go out and explore any place we’ve listed here, or just decide to hangout by the Spinnaker Bay pool, however you spend it will be worth it. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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